BOCA are delighted to offer an exclusive service for the most discerning customer. 

A world's first, where our dental professionals and chemists design formulations solely for you. 

We combine rare ingredients, finely balanced and crafted to meet your individual preferences, creating your very own handmade formulation.

The bespoke journey begins with one to one consultations with your own BOCA Ambassador, a highly regarded dental professional.

This consultation establishes your oral challenges and which active ingredients, flavours and aromas are best suited to your palette. Your existing dentist may be consulted where necessary.

This data is analysed by our chemists who design a number of samples. Once your formulation is agreed upon, we undertake rigorous compliance testing to ensure that the formulation is safe and stable.  

Your exclusive bespoke toothpaste is subsequently handmade by our chemists in Bath, England. Regular eight week deliveries of your very own formulation are then delivered to you, with ongoing consultations.

Please CONTACT US here if you have any questions or would like to organise a private consultation with a BOCA Ambassador. 

BOCA Ambassadors will travel to your location of choice.



Please note that BOCA also design specifically formulated signature blends for hotels, spas, health clubs and clinics.