A new approach with BOCA

Two formulations with one goal - to challenge oral bacteria around the clock


Oral bacteria are constantly changing and evolving. This creates a challenging environment for your teeth and gums.

BOCA toothpastes are uniquely designed to challenge bacteria in this ever changing, dynamic microbial environment, through the use of different active ingredients in its day and night formulations.

This new approach, with the impact of two alternating formulations, is cycled to fight oral bacteria around the clock.

In addition, relaxing ingredients have been chosen for Overnight and energising ones for Day.


BOCA Day active ingredients: 
Organic ginseng.

BOCA Overnight active ingredients: 
Organic aloe vera, organic valerian, organic chamomile. 

BOCA Organic Toothpaste
A new approach to fighting oral bacteria with alternating Day & Overnight active ingredients.