Two formulations, one goal : outsmart oral bacteria

Oral bacteria are constantly changing and evolving. This can create a very challenging environment for your teeth and gums. An environment where traditional toothpastes often struggle with the use of a single formulation for both day and night. 

BOCA toothpastes however are based around the need to outsmart this ever changing, dynamic environment, with the use of different active ingredients in its day and night formulations.  

This new technology, with the different impact of two alternating formulations are cycled, day & night for maximum performance, aiming to outsmart oral bacteria.

BOCA Overnight  key ingredients:
A unique blend of organic chamomile, aloe vera, valerian, mint and rose oil. 

BOCA Day  key ingredients:
An innovative highly refined blend of organic ginseng, mint and rose oil.


Clinical trials- The absolute scientific standard for all research involves randomised clinical trials. This allows for the therapeutic effect of any ingredient / drug / medicine to be assessed against the efficacy of a placebo or well established agent with already proven efficacy. The assessors of the clinical conditions must be carried out by trained clinicians who have no knowledge of the agent used or whether the patient is in the test group or the placebo group (double blind trials).

Our own in house clinical trials have not met this strict criteria which opens us up to accusations of having a conflict of interest. We would welcome independent workers from public institutions to clinically assess the influence of our botanical toothpastes. 

What our clients say

‘When you go through cancer treatment, people give you products to help your skin, hair and nails but not toothpaste,’ says Joe. ‘I want everyone to know how much Boca can help.’ 

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Joe Brindle

"Can't say enough good things about BOCA toothpaste. Great idea: Day & Night- different ingredients, different impact"

 Nicky Summer, former model / 007 actress


"For anyone looking to eliminate chemicals from their daily routine"

Calgary Avansino, British Vogue- Contributing Editor


"With BOCA you have two formulas, one for day and one for night. I think this is genius. Just like our skin, our mouths are going to be different during the day and the night so why treat it with the same products for both?"

Naturally Diddy- Beauty Blogger. 

"I have been using your toothpaste for a while now and it does seem to be good – I do think it deals with the plaque better than others I have tried. It’s not really helped the sore tongue. Hard for me to tell if your claims long term hold water but I am very likely to buy some when these tubes are finished. "

Again, many thanks. Mrs E. Meecham. Macclesfield


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