Two formulations, one goal : outsmart oral bacteria

Oral bacteria are constantly changing and evolving. This can create a very challenging environment for your teeth and gums. An environment where traditional toothpastes often struggle with the use of a single formulation for both day and night. 

BOCA toothpastes however are uniquely based around the need to outsmart this ever changing, dynamic environment, with the use of different active ingredients in its day and night formulations.  

This new technology, with the different impact of two alternating formulations are cycled, day & night for maximum performance, aiming to outsmart oral bacteria.

BOCA Overnight  key ingredients:
A unique blend of organic chamomile, organic aloe vera, organic valerian, organic mint oil and organic rose. 

BOCA Day  key ingredients:
An innovative highly refined blend of organic ginseng, organic mint oil and organic rose.

Brushing in the morning and before bed is absolutely critical to our oral health. Now with BOCA Organic available on subscription there is no excuse. You wont run out of toothpaste ever again....SUBSCRIBE