Our Story

Richard the founder of BOCA could never see the logic of using the same toothpaste formulation for day & overnight use.

He found that before going to bed normal toothpaste with its overpowering, strong and  acidic mint flavour would make him feel more awake than when he set off to bed.

Looking into this he realised that the mouth is an effective place to transfer toothpaste ingredients straight into the blood stream. Richard realised that these toxic ingredients could be impacting on his ability to sleep and also his long term health.

Independent research found that 40% of people don't brush their teeth before going to bed. Perhaps other people were having the same concerns.

Richard realised that most people expose themselves to dangerous chemicals every time they brush. Surfactants like SLS, triclosan, hydrogen peroxide and parabens are commonplace in mass-made toothpastes and can easily sneak into the bloodstream through the gums. These chemicals can accumulate over weeks, months and years. Richard wanted BOCA organic toothpastes to be free from the weird stuff. BOCA formulations also contain low abrasivity cleaning agents to fight stains gently, preserving your tooth enamel and protecting you from sensitivity.  

BOCA was born with the aim of having formulations designed to compliment the time of day they are being used, deliver outstanding results but deliver this in the safest possible way, free from harsh industrial chemicals.

Richard approached Toby Talbot his dentist to see if there was any logic to his thought process.

A chemist was appointed and a laboratory developed in Bath to set about the creation of a toothpaste to meet these needs.

Unintended outcomes often pop out when new ideas are being developed. By having two formulations with different ingredients the team at BOCA were finding that a new technology was emerging for toothpaste.. Our lab research has found that oral bacteria build resilience when they are over-exposed to one type of antibacterial agent. We have given you different antibacterial actives in Day and Overnight formulations, making it much harder for stubborn oral bacteria to survive your brushing. Outsmarting oral bacteria. For you that spells 24-hour protection, healthier gums and a deep clean every time.

Boca's game-changing formulations are continually improving and developing. A relentless quest for improvement which happens because we love what we do.


Our team is headed up by Richard Jupp- CEO and Toby Talbot- Clinical Director BDS.MSD. (University of Washington) FDS.RCS. (Eng.) 

Today, Boca is delighted to include The Royal Society of Medicine and The American Dental Society of London as institutional shareholders.

All research and development is undertaken at our own laboratories in Bath by our chemists. The laboratories are set in seven acres of delightful, organically cultivated gardens and grounds. Many of the ingredients that are trialled in new formulations are grown in the gardens. This gives Boca a rare opportunity to break away from off the shelf providers and deliver outstanding solutions for premier oral care.

Boca has recently relocated large scale manufacturing from the laboratories in Bath to a British manufacturing partner.

"the unique ingredients in each formulation and their combined power when alternated day and night appeared to be outsmarting oral bacteria ."