Complete Oral Care


Complete Oral Care

The Finest Organic Whitening Toothpaste

Suitable for Vegans

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Two Balanced Formulas

Two Balanced Formulas



A new approach to fighting oral bacteria with alternating Day & Overnight active ingredients.

Energised in the morning. Relaxed at bedtime. Beautiful always.



A delicious and refreshing formulation of organic mint oil, with a subtle hint of rose. Energising organic ginseng is the active ingredient.


A relaxing formulation combining a milder organic mint oil and hint of rose, with aloe vera, valerian and camomile as the active ingredients.

BOCA toothpaste combine the finest organic ingredients and deliver outstanding oral care.


Organic Ingredients

Organic Ingredients



BOCA recognise the importance of the quality of toothpaste ingredients for your health. Harsh chemicals present in traditional toothpastes may pass into your bloodstream via your gums - or into your digestive system when swallowed - and these may accumulate in your body over time.

BOCA do not include any harsh ingredients in its formulations, instead we drawn upon the effective cleaning and healing properties of natural organic ingredients to deliver outstanding oral care.

In fact, all ingredients which can be organic are organic. The ingredients for BOCA DAY are 65% certified organic and those for BOCA OVERNIGHT are 67% certified organic. As such, BOCA ORGANIC Toothpaste has the highest content of certified organic ingredients available.

BOCA ORGANIC DAY & OVERNIGHT leave out the following ingredients, commonly found in other toothpaste brands.

No fluoride. No sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). No microbeads. No polyethylene glycols (PEG). No triclosan. No titanium dioxide. No pentasodium triphosphate. No potassium citrate. No sodium hydroxide. No hydroxyapatite. No hydrogen peroxide. No harsh abrasives. No artificial preservatives, additives, colours or sweeteners. No sugar. No gluten. No animal testing.


Kinder to you. Kinder to the Environment. Kinder to animals.

No fluoride. No harmful chemicals. Suitable for Vegans





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For anyone looking to eliminate chemicals from their daily routine.

Calgary Avansino, British Vogue - Contributing Editor


Can't say enough good things about BOCA toothpaste. Great idea: Day & Night - different ingredients, different impact.

 Nicky Summer, former model / 007 actress


With BOCA you have two formulas, one for day and one for night. I think this is genius. Just like our skin, our mouths are going to be different during the day and the night so why treat it with the same products for both?

Naturally Diddy - Beauty Blogger. 


1st visit to my dentist after using BOCA (which I had not told her about), I quote: "your teeth are so clean! It makes me so happy."

Mrs E. Meecham. Macclesfield



BOCA ORGANIC Toothpaste - effective and gentle teeth whitening without harmful chemicals and enamel damaging abrasivity

Conventional whitening toothpastes whiten teeth using a combination of hydrogen peroxide and harsh abrasives. Neither of these processes are good for your teeth, nor your health. The residue from harsh chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide, may pass into your bloodstream via your gums - or into your digestive system when swallowed - and these may accumulate in your body over time. The level of abrasivity may be similar to sandpaper and remove layers of enamel as well as any discolouration and weaken your teeth irreparably. 

BOCA do not include any harsh whitening chemicals in its formulation and has researched the optimum level of gentle adrasives, in order to ensure the most effective whitening results without damaging teeth enamel.

We do not promise quick results, as this may prove harmful to your teeth and your health. However, regular brushing with BOCA will gently and safely whiten your teeth over time.