Billions of single use plastic tubes are sent to landfill or are recycled each year. The ‘big guys’ continue with their legacy processes and systems that aren’t addressing the problem.

We looked at the challenge in a common-sense way in an attempt to offer a circular solution that's both deliverable and low cost.

We are delighted to have a design that we think addresses both.


Hello, BOCA refill and reuse

Our patent pending solution is really simple and we are excited to have introduced in the UK to a limited number of people before we launch to all.
When you sign up for a subscription, we will let you know if you have been selected or you can ask to be added to the trial. The numbers are limited as we want to monitor and measure the feedback, making amendments as we roll along. If you prefer just sign up for the regular subscription or for a one off delivery and we will offer you the solution at a later date. The great news is that the system can be retro fitted to existing tubes.



First choose your organic toothpaste subscription box, either with or without a bamboo toothbrush. 


Then select your delivery frequency, we find that twice a day brushers use up their supply in 12 weeks which is also perfect timing to replace your worn out brush! You can change this frequency or cancel at any time, so you are in control and never tied in.  


Here’s the fun bit!
Every 12 weeks we send you replacement compostable tube refill cartridges, cut the tails off your tubes, pop them in the dishwasher or clean with hot water then refill your tubes and reseal them with the BOCA system.


Smile and compost your empty refill cartridges 😊 and keep reusing your tubes


 If you prefer send your empty tubes back to us for free and we will clean, refill and seal them and pop them back in the post to you.

This patent pending innovation is a world’s first and is set to revolutionise the world of single use plastics.

Please note that our toothpaste and toothbrush are designed to fit through your letterbox so there’s no annoying missed deliveries.

:) BOCA the easier way to a healthy mouth, a cleaner environment and a happy dentist