BOCA’s pioneering ‘two-paste’ approach came into being after Richard, our founder, went to visit his dentist, Dr Toby Talbot, in a bit of a quandary.

Richard’s overpoweringly minty toothpaste – which made him feel energised in the morning – was also making him feel energised just before bed. He began to wonder, we drink different things from morning to night and we apply different face creams.
Why would we use the same toothpaste?

It just didn’t make sense.


So Richard began to look at the whole toothpaste
thing, the ingredients, the tubes and the packaging.
Things started to spiral.

Shocked to discover that the traditional toothpaste he’d been using was crammed with harsh industrial chemicals. The tubes were all single use with billions sent to landfill or recycled. It also emerged that four companies control 80% of the global sales of toothpastes.

Richard learned that the toxic chemicals were most likely worming their way into his bloodstream, gradually building up in his body

He explained everything to Toby and the duo decided, right there and then, to tackle the problems head on. With the aim of creating effective organic toothpastes with sustainable packaging.


So they built a laboratory in Bath, hired a chemist and began mixing, tasting & testing. Until – 3 years later – they cracked it.

The result exceeded even their wildest expectations, for in the process, they created an effective way of delivering complete oral care. By having two complimentary but different toothpaste formulations working together around the clock, they were exposing ever-changing
oral bacteria to different ingredients.

No harsh chemicals stripping the mouth of healthy oral bacteria. Gently delivering oral care and importantly
encouraging people to brush twice a day.

Dentists, rejoice!

The tubes are set to revolutionise the industry. Richard, along with his eighteen year old daughter,
Mima, invented the world’s first refillable tube system. (Patent pending). It’s a simple way to reuse the same tubes time and time again.

Environment, rejoice!


Jump to today, and Boca is being manufactured in Great Britain

The tubes help tackle the global challenge of single use plastic,
incorporating the patent pending refill and reuse tube system
which is set to launch soon in the UK. This revolutionary innovation is set to change the industry.

Boca now offers an affordable, letterbox-friendly toothpaste subscription box, complete with a replacement bamboo brush, helping to make sure you never run
out and can keep brushing twice a day.

The mission remains: keeping your mouth healthy, the
environment cleaner and your dentist over the moon.

BOCA are delighted to have The Royal Society of Medicine,
The American Dental Society of London and Mark Wills
(Long time friend, surfing & windsurfing companion, ideas junkie and work colleague) as shareholders.

We’re lucky enough to be supported by incredible, in-the-know shareholders:

The Royal Society of Medicine

ADSL American Dental Society of London.