Our revolutionary ‘two-paste’ approach


We’ve worked hard to design two complementary toothpastes – one for day and one for night –  containing pioneering organic ingredients, chosen because they aim to maintain your healthy bacteria. Not stripping your mouth like traditional toothpaste and mouthwash.

By shaking up your toothpaste use, alternating between the two blends, you’re exposing bacteria in your mouth to a range of different ingredients over a 24-hour period without the need for harsh and damaging formulations.

Twice a day brushing  is the most important way to keep your mouth healthy.

But that’s not the only benefit. We all know that no one feels the same from morning to night. In the morning, we need a pick-me-up; at night, we fancy a calm-me-down. So Boca toothpastes are designed to do just that. Our Day-time formulation is energising, with ginseng  and a stronger mint, and our Overnight toothpaste is gently soothing, with chamomile and valerian at its heart. 

Two botanical blends designed to work together to keep your mouth healthy, the environment cleaner and your dentist over the moon.



The organic ingredients we use:

PEPPERMINT – sourced from the best British growers. An energising, stomach-settling herb which kills germs and leaves you with a fresh, minty mouth

CHAMOMILE - from organic growers in Egypt A soothing herbal remedy used for thousands of years to calm nerves and encourage natural sleep

GINSENG – we use the finest Panax ginseng from China A restorative root used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, to help counter fatigue

ALOE VERA - grown by organic farmers in Florida Known for its antimicrobial properties, aloe vera repairs skin cells and soothes irritation in the mouth

ROSE – hand-selected from the Valley of Roses, Bulgaria An antioxidant-rich herbal remedy with anti-inflammatory properties – for soothing and cleansing the mouth

VALERIAN - grown by organic farmers in Italy. A calming herb which soothes the nervous system, eases anxiety, and helps promote healthy, natural sleep