BOCA is packed full of carefully-sourced organic ingredients.

Ingredients that we are proud of!


Plus: calcium carbonate, organic glycerine, aqua, hydrated silica.

65% of our ingredients are certified as organic.


PEPPERMINT – sourced from the best British growers. An energising, stomach-settling herb which kills germs and leaves you with a fresh, minty mouth

ROSE – hand-selected from the Valley of Roses, Bulgaria. An antioxidant-rich herbal remedy with anti-inflammatory properties – for soothing and cleansing the mouth

GINSENG – we use the finest Panax ginseng from China. A restorative root used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, to help counter fatigue

 We never use any of the harsh chemicals you’ll find in traditional toothpastes. After all, toothpaste ingredients can pass into your bloodstream via your gums, or into your digestive system when swallowed, building up in your body over time. And no one wants to consume toxic chemicals. 

Instead, we choose to harness the enduring, effective healing and cleaning properties of organic ingredients. We choose to use botanicals which keep your mouth healthy the natural way.

So, every ingredient in our recipes which can be certified organic is organic. That’s our promise. Natural ingredients which can’t be certified organic, like water and calcium carbonate, are very carefully sourced, so we can guarantee they’re of the highest quality possible.



No sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). No microbeads. No polyethylene glycols (PEG). No triclosan. No titanium dioxide. No pentasodium triphosphate. No potassium citrate. No sodium hydroxide. No hydrogen peroxide. No harsh abrasives. No artificial preservatives, additives, colours or sweeteners. No sugar. No gluten. 

And we never, ever do animal testing.



We offer the choice of fluoride free or with fluoride. 

 Passionately defended by both sides of the fence, the debate has been raging for over 50 years.  Similarly to the left and right of politics, arguments are delivered with heated conviction. However, among the passion, one inarguable fact is that tooth decay is still occurring at near epidemic proportions worldwide.   

Here at BOCA we have read extensively on the subject and listened to consultants and experts from around the world. As a result we have decided to offer both. Ask your dentist what they think.